HopCal House

HopCal Residence_0000_guest bath
HopCal Residence_0002_From the lake
HopCal Residence_0001_guest bath vertical
HopCal Residence_0003_entry elevation
HopCal Residence_0004_entry elev 2
HopCal Residence_0008_entry at dusk 2
HopCal Residence_0017_outdoor shower 2
HopCal Residence_0009_Street view
HopCal Residence_0010_Stair
HopCal Residence_0011_south elev at dusk2
HopCal Residence_0012_south elev at dusk
HopCal Residence_0013_south elev at dusk 3
HopCal Residence_0015_south doors on terrace 2
HopCal Residence_0014_South doors on terrace
HopCal Residence_0016_outdoor shower
HopCal Residence_0018_Master Bath
HopCal Residence_0019_kitchen dining
HopCal Residence_0020_kitchen dining toward lake
HopCal Residence_0021_interior overall
HopCal Residence_0022_interior overall 2

• Single Family Residence
• Located on Terry Lake
• 3000 SF
• Two-story with Attached Garage
• Fort Collins, CO